World Leader in Solar LED Street Light Technology

  • November 22, 2016
  • LED Technology


In the Global Market there are so many companies having predictable value in the field of lighting technology just like DEL (,, LED lights have become quite popular in the new technological industry due to the diverse usage of the product and its value in the business world.

Well the reason behind changing the normal lights with the LED lights is due to the fact of power consumption and to make it environmental friendly. The SMART Solar LED Street Light Technology used in the smart Solar LED Street Lights has made them more useful for the purpose of street lighting. Solar Street lights require much lesser power for their operation, and they are 100% environment-friendly and non-pollution source of power.

If you are going to install solar street lights, the best way is to get the best system and it would be automatically activated and deactivated which is able to automatically control the brightness of the LED lamp as per the particular time of day which is an advantage in instances when full level lighting is not required. Its use leads to reduced power consumption.

At the present time, there are around 49 countries in the world where solar energy driven street lights are being used for illumination purposes and these countries are located in various continents like South America, North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia/Oceania. But out of these 49 countries based on their respective total photovoltaic installed capacity, there are about 10 countries where use of solar street lights is tremendously popular. Photovoltaic is a term associated with the ability of a solar cell to produce a voltage when it gets exposed to light. These countries happen to be China on the top and then Germany, Japan, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia and India in the subsequent order.

But if we consider the criteria of top countries using added photovoltaic capacity, then also there are 10 countries where use of LED solar street light is quite popular. These countries are China on the top and followed by Japan, United States, United Kingdom, India, Germany, South Korea, Australia, France and Canada.