Solar street lights are best alternative to traditional lamps such as LPS, HPS, or MH street lights. This ‘green’ smart option is perfect to illuminate outdoor areas with high intensity of light like residential streets, parking lots, security lighting and much more, but when it comes to renewable energy projects there is nothing cookie cutter. Thus to understand it well, let’s talk about two types of solar LED street light systems.

      1. Grid Intertie Systems

The first type of solar power street light you can install is- grid intertied system. In this system you can install a solar panel on the existing pole to serve the grid in the day time and utilizing the grid power at night. This is a nice option in case you want to have a solar array on display for the public or you want LED Street Light Solar to match the aesthetics of rest of the system.

      2. Off Grid Systems

Off grid system is the best option for the area that needs to be illuminated which have no access to transmission lines. New infrastructure can cost you a fortune, but off grid system is standalone unit and inexpensive because each pole has a self-contained unit that consists of –solar panel, a battery, LED controller and LED light. This system is easy to implement anywhere except those area that doesn’t have enough of sunlight.

Although, both of them are based on the needs and requests of the clients, but off-grid system is best because it is less dependent on the location, utility and access to current infrastructure. The best part is that LED Street Light Solar offers a multitude of advantages as it is highly reliable, environmental friendly option which is energy efficient and cost effective.