Top 6 Things to Consider Before Going Solar On Roads

  • January 30, 2016
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There are many benefits to installing solar power street light, all from reducing the energy bills to lowering the carbon footprint. Conversely, selecting solar powered lighting system isn’t a decision to make that easy. A plenty of things are there to consider when looking into solar, and it’s important you weigh all options. Here are the things to know before going solar.

  1. Location

Needless to say, solar lights work to its fullest potential when there is ample exposure to sunlight and going solar means that you are enhancing the energy efficiency, but knowing the location where you are planning to place your solar fixture is vital to the installation and system process.

  1. Power

Without experiencing LED Street light solar fixture, it may be startling how an ordinary light with low wattage power can be as powerful as they are. For instance, at 50 watts, an LED light area fixture will produce over 5000 Lumens.

  1. Time

Time is precious – particularly when you are planning to go for solar lighting. Before one starts planning investment for a solar system, know how long the lights should be running for. The time duration of a lighting fixture was taken into consideration when specialists decides on how powerful a system will be.

  1. Height

One can determine how high the fixtures should be when not retrofitting existing poles with the help of certain points such as

  • When a Solar LED light is fixed near the ground surface, the light will have a focus on central location whereas placing on 20-30 feet above the ground will enable distributing light evenly over a large distance.
  • Make sure you go for a lower wattage fixture in case you place a light at a lower height so that the amount of concentrated light in one area can be balanced and ensure environmental uniformity.
  1. Need

It’s important to choose a fixture specific to the project’s needs whether it is for a pathway, park or playground. An LED street light solar fixture is the perfect option is appropriate for roads and parking lots.

  1. Contractor

Your solar electric system needs to be sized, sited, installed, and maintained properly in order to achieve top performance. Hiring a professional solar contractor to install your system in order to ensure proper system functioning.