Place Your Solar LED lights

With the bright or dull settings, using solar LED lighting in outdoors can be a lifesaver. But how solar-powered lights work when your street is shady or you live somewhere that rarely sees the sun is the concern. Here’s the full scoop on where you should place the solar lights for street and where shouldn’t.

Solar LED Lighting are ideal for illuminating streets far from exterior outlets by providing enchanting glow along curving street paths. It serves time until all night or every night or365 days each year. LED’s solar lighting systems are designed and manufactured to illuminate even the darkest corners.

Where You Can Place Your Solar Panels:

In The Sun, known as the open exposure to lighten up our solar energy source, needs that solar street light must be placed in a location without trees or large structures. It should not be hedging to the solar panel’s face from the sun. What’s more, lighting locations you will choose to install solar street light should have a 45 degree tilt.

In case, you need to have lights in shaded street areas, such as along wooded pathway, as long as you have solar panels connected to your LED lights installed in a location receiving complete exposure to light all through the peak sun hours of the day and is correctly mounted, your light will surely illuminates at its best.

Where You Can’t Place Your Solar Panels:

In The Shade, for instance, underneath a shelter of trees, besides a huge building structure or obstructed by a sign board, do not agree on passing light. Unless there is a way to pass through the shaded tree area or a sunny side of a building, solar lighting will not support your idea to turn solar.

These solar street lights harvest powerful illumination and come with an easy setup without troubles of plowing, lying down of extended wires or need of converter distribution points etc.

A Beginner’s Guide to Solar Street Light