The Secrets behind Low Maintenance Solar LED Street Lights

  • February 26, 2016
  • LED Technology


Solar LED street lighting is one of the best kept secret in energy efficient lighting. Simply stated, solar LED lights use less energy than conventional sodium bulbs plus it is a green option that save our environment from pollution. Thus, we can say that this lighting system are extremely low maintenance which makes it a most popular choice for the people who are searching for pocket friendly option that will save money on energy as well as installation fees.

Despite its bit of initial high cost, solar LED street light has several superior characteristics, such as:-

  1. It is a pollution free option and emits no greenhouse gases after installation
  2. High Return on investment unlike paying for utility bills
  3. Virtually no maintenance for over 30 years
  4. Ability to live grid free
  5. No flickering, strobing, or noise
  6. Can be installed virtually anywhere

Long Lifespan

In large trails of LED solar street lights, one of the best advantage is long lifespan. Due to high lifespan, these lights do not ‘blow’ or malfunction. This means that it save maintenance time of the professionals offering you high light output and longer life.

Saving More Energy

LED street lights have the power to reduce dependence on foreign oil or fossil fuels which are non-renewable sources of energy. Moreover it saves energy in the battery and store it till evening which means it will automatically dim at night and light up at dusk without any need to be continually programmed which means it will save power as well as maintenance.

Environmental benefit

The best part is that, solar LED street lights offers amazing environmental benefits. This is the “green” energy and reduce the level of pollution whilst offering optimum light level for any given situation