super smart solar led street lights

Solar LED street lights are being increasingly used nowadays for illumination purposes. Using them offers people various advantages in terms of better quality lighting, using renewable energy source, reduced dependence on traditional sources of energy, no electricity bills, increased environmental protection and less maintenance. But LED light researchers and experts are not satisfied with the various benefits these lights are providing, but are looking for ways which can make them more productive and beneficial. So they are carrying out research and experimentation for developing such innovative and smart features which when fully developed can significantly improve productivity of these lights.

Some of the special smart features that should be embedded in every Solar LED Street Light are automatic on-off control, security monitoring system and dimming control. To make these features functional, a micro-controller needs to be installed within a lighting unit. An automatic on-off control would turn the street light on and off on the basis of twilight sensor output and real-time clock. Due to this, the light would automatically turn on and off at dusk and dawn. So one need not manually turn it on and off.

A security monitoring system would be a kind of an interfacing unit which would let the users know if security personnel deployed in an area are doing their patrolling in a proper manner. So this would help to avoid any breach in security due to carelessness on the part of security personnel.

Dimming control is another useful feature that enables users to control the quality of light emanating from a solar LED lighting unit as per their tasks, moods or situations. This would help to do away limitation of on and off switch which can either turn on the lights or turn them off, but cannot itself adjust the quality of light. It would not only enhance users’ experience, but would also help to save energy.

These can be some of the innovative and useful features that should feature in every solar street light to make it more efficient and improve its responsiveness to users’ needs. Some of such features have been already developed while others are being researched upon and experimented by the LED light experts and researchers. So it is going to take an indefinite amount of time before these forward looking features become a reality and start benefiting the people.

Smart Solar LED Street Lights for Better illumination