Sometimes The Sun Doesn’t Come Out Tomorrow

  • March 9, 2016
  • LED Market

Sometimes The Sun Doesn’t Come Out Tomorrow

If the sun does not come tomorrow, how can they continue to use the street lights driven by solar energy is the prime concern of people using them. What they need to do to avoid situations when their solar street light fail to light up as solar panels in them could not charge properly due to lack of adequate sunlight in cloudy conditions. Such undesired outcomes can be avoided by taking adequate measures in this regard.

The solution lies in creating a backup of electricity generated by solar energy in a battery and using it in a proper way so there is enough electricity left in the battery for lighting purposes. You need to gauge how much power your solar system is generating, how much the battery is storing and how much of it is getting consumed and act accordingly. Rather than allowing complete draining of batteries after every use, just only use a fraction of power from these before recharging them.

Using a low voltage disconnect and oversizing the batteries for about 5 days in the event of low sun will make the batteries efficient and last longer. Efficient batteries would result in maximum output of power which would be an advantage in case the sun is not turning up.

It is better to opt for solar lights with an on/off switch so people can control when they need to turn on their lights. By turning them on, these will continue to work for the whole day. For charging the lights and using them at a later time, they can switch them off till the time these are ready to use.

For seeking more knowledge about the above mentioned solutions, people should consult the solar lights manufacturers and sellers. So they can better guide them on what they need to do in case the sun is not turning up in their area and how they can light up their solar energy street lights in an uninterrupted manner during such unfavorable weather conditions.