Street lights which are powered by the photovoltaic (PV) cells are known as the Solar street lights. You will get to see that a PV panel is mounted on the top of the light post and are connected to the pole. There is a rechargeable battery present in the PV panel which supplies power to the lamps let the Solar LED lamps glow at night. This type of arrangement is quite costlier than the typical vapor lamps which we get to see conventionally. The installation cost is much higher than the conventional lamps. But if you consider the power cost, then you will find that it is spectacularly low. So knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Solar Street Lights is essential if you are thinking it to be a nice option. The rechargeable battery of the PV panel can store the energy for two days, and you must not worry even if the weather is cloudy.

Here in this article you will get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of Solar Street Lights.

The Advantages of Solar Street Lights

  • There is as such no cost of operation as the unit is totally detached from the grid system.
  • These types of installation are not connected to the electricity provider of the region.
  • The energy is stored from the sun, and the battery of the panels gets energized throughout the day.
  • There is no cost for charging the panel.
  • The maintenance cost of these light sources is quite lesser as compared to the other types of street lamps.
  • The solar street lights are not connected to the external wire systems, and the risk of an accident is also quite less.
  • The panels of this kind of system are quite environment-friendly as they are dependent on the solar energy.
  • These panels are quite good as they can be carried away to the remote regions and can be installed. Thus solar street lights can be used to solve the lighting problem in the remote villages.

Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

If you think that the solar street lights only have advantages, then you are wrong. There are some disadvantages of the solar street light systems.

  • The installation cost of the solar street light is much higher than any other source of lighting. People thus feel reluctant to install this kind of lighting systems.
  • The dust and moisture adhere to the PV panel which can permanently stop the energy production of the panel.
  • As this system is not wired, there is a possibility of theft of this kind of installation.
  • The rechargeable battery needs replacement after some time which ultimately increases the lifetime cost of the installation.