Solar Street Light Tender Solution

  • March 8, 2016
  • LED Market


In view of the high costs of installing conventional street lights and the extent of damage caused by them to the environment, people have begun looking for better and eco-friendly alternatives to these lights. The alternative lies in the form of a solar LED street light. Such lights are affordable, environment friendly and require less maintenance, so investing in them makes sense.

As more and more people and businesses are inclined towards getting installed solar street lights for benefitting in terms of affordability and environmental protection, this has created  opportunities for solar street light contractors to make money from. By working on solar street light projects launched by the government, they can make huge profits. But for earning such a government project, certain formalities have to be performed and the relevant government regulations have to be complied with.

Firstly a tender application needs to be bought from an agency approved by the government. The application document would contain detailed information about the project along with the technical specifications, financial and other requirements. The contractor will have to fill in the application his financial capability, technical expertise, the quality of products and materials to be used, working hours and other needed information. After this, the filled application has to be deposited with the appointed government authority who has the right to accept or reject a tender application.

If the contractor’s tender gets accepted he would be invited for a financial bid and there he has to  quote a price for the project. He has to compete against contractors who too would be quoting their prices in trying to outbid each other. The contractor who quotes the maximum price would be awarded the project by the government provided he fulfills all the technical specifications, financial and other requirements.

If you as a contractor are keen to win an important government solar LED street lighting project, you should perform the tender filling process in a proper and prepared manner. Thus you can clinch the project.