Solar Street Light Research (Europe)

  • February 5, 2016
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Currently, solar street light is so popular all over round the world, but do you know where is the most popular country in Europe? Today we just show you a map for your reference.

Solar Street Light Research - Europe

As the image shows target countries in Europe should be:

  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. Greece (south and central part)
  4. Cyprus
  5. Malta
  6. Italy (south part)

I have not added Turkey in the European list since more than half of its territory is located in Asia. Turkey is an interesting market, but full of local competitors.

Spain and Portugal should be the MAIN TARGETS of solar street light in Europe.

Spain and its south-western region Andalusia (capital of the region is city Sevilla) is recognized as the sunniest region and the largest solar power facility in Europe is located in Sanlúcar la Mayor in the province of Sevilla. The biggest competitor is Andalusian firm Abengoa which is known outside borders of Spain. So in this case Your company could compete with the local concurrention only if You offer lower prices.

Portugal has between 2500-3200 hours of sunhsine a year, an average of 4-6h in winter and 10-12h in summer. The sunniest part of  Portugal is southeast. City Faro and area around the city are known as the sunniest.

Talking about Italian south, that is the most undeveloped region of Italy. Italy has deficiency with electric energy and imort it, so electricity there is expensive and solar led lights is affordable and good solution in their case.

Greece is full of islands on which are small cities and villages. You should target: PAROS,  SAMOS, CHIOS, CRETE and KOS.

Malta and Cyprus are small markets, but You can try to offer Your products there via local online advertising sites.

Above is just a brief introduction for the countries. If you want to know more, please visit for more information.