If Solar Street Light Is Not Lighting

After you became aware of the various benefits of using a solar LED street light, you decided to get it installed near your home. Now the solar energy driven street light is lighting up your surroundings. You are delighted that you have to pay no bills and at the thought of using environment friendly light option. But your joy proved to be short lived as your lighting system stopped working suddenly. Before you take corrective measures to restore illumination in your affected system, you first need to know about various reasons that can cause your solar light to fail. These are as under:


  1. It may be the case that your solar lighting unit has got an on/off switch and you may have failed to turn on the switch.


  1. Sometimes your brand new light fails to light up due to the pull tab on the battery. The tab needs to be pulled up first for activating the battery to work. If you do not do so, the light would fail to illuminate.


  1. Your solar panel may not work properly due to the dirt and other impurities deposited on its surface. Dirt can significantly lower the amount of charge received due to which the lights may fail to work in the night.


  1. Your solar panel may not have been placed in the right position for receiving sunlight for all or most of the day. Its wrong position is causing your panel to receive insufficient sunlight. Due to this, the lighting unit fails to light up.


  1. It may be the case that your solar street lighting unit is not working because of the fault in the batteries. The batteries may not be receiving the charge. Even if they are receiving it, they are unable to hold it.

At times you may fail to determine the exact cause of the light failure in spite of making best of your efforts. In such instances you better contact the seller from whom you purchased the solar lighting system.