What Is Solar Street Light Installation Cage?

  • March 22, 2016
  • LED Market

Once you have decided to go for a solar power driven street light installed near your house for fulfilling your lighting requirements, you will have to do the necessary planning in this regard. You will have to gain knowledge about which equipments and materials will be needed for such an installation along with the experts who will be performing it.

Among various things that are pretty important while installing a Solar LED Street Light, the installation cage happens to be the most important. Installation or foundation cage is the structure on which the light pole would be mounted. The cage is a grid like structure made up of metal to impart support and stability to the pole. It is created and installed some distance below the ground depending on the height of the light pole it has to support along with the associated solar panels and battery.


Erecting an installation cage requires special expertise which only experts dealing in installing solar lights possess. So you will have to seek services of reliable and skilled solar lights installation experts in this regard to ensure that your cage gets properly created by them as per the amount of support needed by the pole. While creating the meshed structure, the metal to be used for it has to be of high quality and strong enough to support the pole along with the associated structure for a long time span to come.

This would have given you a better idea of how important the installation cage is for installing solar street lights, but you need not bother about the complexity and technical requirements of its installation procedure as this is the task of the professionals who know their job well. All you have to do is to get in touch with a renowned Solar Street Light Manufacturer for your solar street lights needs and the rest will be managed by its team of experts.