Solar Powered Street Lights – Cost Effective Ways in South Africa

  • December 6, 2016
  • LED Technology

Solar Powered Street Lights in South Africa

Solar LED Street Light Market is growing day by day in South Africa. Roadway and Street Lights For South Africa having a major savings over alternative – installation, maintenance and energy costs of street lighting. The benefits of solar powered LED street lights are clear worldwide and we can see a perfect street lighting solution with 100% electricity and cost saving. And they are not only sustainable and independent of the grid but they do not require moving parts and are virtually maintenance free.

Solar Roadway Lights – Cost Savings

According to municipal officials in South Africa, solar street lights will reduce electricity bills and save the city about $100,000 each month. And it can affect the Economic Growth in Future. Over 15 percent of the city’s people said they felt safe walking alone at night.

The country is increasingly turning to the sun for its energy requirements, with the government hoping to build billion-dollar solar plants countrywide if it can find needed investment. It’s complicated to change a city old street lights into new solar lightnings in a short period of time but it’s true everyone are looking for new technology and effective ways to demonstrate turning cost and brightness in South Africa.

Let’s talk about current market scenarios in South Africa. It has prompted street lighting manufacturers to look for alternatives that are efficient and provide off-grid power solutions countrywide. This gives way to certain manufacturers and suppliers that boost solar led street lighting market in South Africa.

Well one of the most important fundamental involved with Solar LED Street Lights is the fact that solar lights provide a viable solution to street lighting with lower maintenance light source and a perfect cost effective solution worldwide.

Obviously they reduce energy load on the economy leading to more fiscal savings for the government as well as the taxpayers. Solar street lights also give the benefit of having negligible maintenance cost, no wiring or transformer costs as well as reduction in carbon footprint.

Solar Street Lighting Market size is expected to exceed in South Africa by 2020. Country Government initiatives such as tax benefits, subsidies on solar products will stimulate industry growth. Installation of solar led street lights will result into affordable, reliable, and sustainable power. In Rural areas most of the people said that the solar lights are keeping them out of the dark.

Environmental issues will reduced by Using Solar Lightings

Everyone knows that environmental issues that come to mind, especially in the deep rural areas in SA, are totally the impact on pollution. Solar lights will impact on wood burning. Wood burning will be less means it will decrease air pollution as well as preserving forests. Eventually South African Government said that Solar LED Street Lights can cuts street light electricity consumption by up to 70%.