Solar LED Street Lights – Incredibly in Scope

  • December 20, 2016
  • LED Technology

Solar LED Street Lights Incredibly in Scope

In the past 4 Years DEL has been involved in latest design of several street lighting projects around the Globe. The DEL projects have ranged so incredibly in international market and having scope that we are designing Latest Technology Solar LED Street Lighting Systems for smart cities and for rural & urban areas.

Installing only solar LED street lights in new installations of lighting would be the best way to reduce the power and pollution and provide a clean alternative to the standard electrical lights. Increased visibility is always a great thing and DEL solar LED street lights will provide the needed lighting levels to do so worldwide.

Although implementation of these products on major roadways may never be in this century. Our Light Manufacturers currently provides street and roadway solar lighting with our variety of Quality Products.

While solar roadways are decades away from being a reality, we have series for street and roadway lighting! You can go to our business website and can order a custom design as per requirements we will also help you in installation and maintenance process.

The major fact behind solar lighting system for street, roadways and highways is that even if there is a cloud cover, UV rays will definitely pass through. So, the Solar LED street lights are able to store enough amount of charge in their batteries for continuous dusk till dawn illumination even in drizzly or gloomy weather.

Well Solar LED street lights can make all the difference to the space very well. This clever, eco-friendly solar lights use batteries available in various shapes and sizes to collect sunlight and store them to power the lights when dusk falls.

DEL Industrial and Commercial grade Solar Street Lighting Manufactured and Supply in Shenzhen, China by DEL providing a great solution for streets, roadways and highways. Our Solar LED Street Lights are combined by LED Street Light, Solar Panel, Controller, Battery, Pole etc… with special features. We make installation easy!