Solar LED Street Light Research (Africa)

  • February 6, 2016
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solar led street light africa

Last time we had done a research for solar street light in Europe, so now what about the market of solar led street light in Africa? Today we just offer basic analyses:

On African continent, South African republic is the target market number one. Most of the areas in South Africa have more than 2500 hours of sunshine per year and average solar-radiation levels range between 4.5 and 6.5 kWh/m2 in one day. The usage of solar energy is the most readily accessible resource in the country. It lends itself to a number of potential users and the country’s solar-equipment industry is developing. Which means that South Africa as a market has big potential for launching products on solar energy.

South Africa is member of BRICS along with Brazil, Russia, India and China. That is association of large fast growing economies. Since it is a developing country, there is a lot of space for offering Your products through PPP (public-private partnership) or offering Your solar led street light to local private companies.

For example: In city of Johannesburg they had been installing the solar street led lights in suburb area. It means in South Africa there is accepted system of solar led street lights, especially in those suburb areas where they tend to reduce usage of electric energy and improve the safety of locals during evenings.

Target number two should be Namibia, since this country is rich by deserts and blessed with high number of sunny days during year. Namibia has average of 300 sunny days a year and that fact is already recognized by foreign investors. Mostly European investors, which mean you can compete with them, because Your prices of production are lower.

 My advice for you is to make business contacts with some of such the companies and offer them cooperation (to sell your solar led lights, to be your distributors) and you can also offer them production of different shapes and models of solar led lights.

Generally Africa as continent with most of the undeveloped countries in the world is a place where You should search for Your business opportunities. They are looking how to reduce spending in each sphere of life and that is why businesses with solar energy becoming most profitable there. Beside South Africa and Namibia, Algeria and Morocco are destinations on which You should pay attention.

In Europe You can also compete, but You should make the potential buyers sure that Your product is at least of the same quality as the European companies’ products.

Korean and Japanese companies have beaten some European competitors with lower prices and better quality. That should be Your strategy in the beginning and later You can increase prices.

Also follow the news and always attend the big events about solar energy. There You have to show and promote Your products and make up business contacts and deals. It is the best way to meet Your opponents and potential business partners.

Do NOT forget to employ at least one person with good negotiating skills.

Do NOT forget to create advertising video which will be posted on website and also on YouTube.

Contact local online portals and tell them to post link of Your website on their portals.

Employ local agents in the countries which You decide to choose as Your first markets and those agents can make direct communication with the potential buyers or they can connect You with the potential buyers.

Make connections with distributors and offer them discounts for first orders.

Offer solar led lights to schools, small hotels, hostels, small factories.