Smart Solar LED Street Lights for Better illumination

  • August 17, 2016
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LED lights have become quite popular in the new technological industry due to the diverse usage of the product and the salient features it has. The solar LED lights are quite efficient as they require very less amount of power for their operation. As a result, the monthly electricity bill is also quite less. Some people stay away from the installation of the LED lights due to the fact of their installation cost. The Solar LED lights cost is quite higher than the conventional fluorescent lamps. But if anyone can bear the cost of installation in the initial stage then he will ultimately gain in their electricity bill, as the bill amount is quite less.

The longevity period of the LED lamps is also higher than the fluorescent lamps. They can operate for the longer period. As the power consumption of all the lamps is quite less, it is, for this reason, the LED lights is used in various fields. The LED light strips are used for decorating purposes and sometimes the LED lights are also used for the industrial and commercial purposes. LED lights are also used as a Streetlight which replaced the conventional vapor light which was used previously.

The main reason behind changing the vapor lights with the LED lights is due to the fact of power consumption and environment friendliness. The LED lights require much lesser power for their operation, and they are 100% environment-friendly. The SMART technology used in the Smart Solar LED Street Lights has made them more useful for the purpose of street lighting. The microprocessor used in the street light installation has a motion sensor inbuilt in them. The motion sensor which is used in the installation can sense the movement of the particle within a radius of 12 meters from the light.

When there is no movement of any subject near the installation, the light goes in to lower brightness mode and ultimately saves the power consumption. As a result of this, the street lights can save some energy in the night hours after the midnight. The sensor attached to the installation can also sense the dust deposition on the panel which can hinder the power storage.

These Smart Solar LED Street Lights can be installed without much hassle, and the maintenance cost of the street lights is very much low. The electricity bills are very low as the street lights operate totally based on the energy from the sun.