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Emergency LED Panel Light

Input Voltage: AC85-265V 50/60Hz

Power: 18W,36W,40W,48W,54W

CCT: WW(3000K), NW(4000K), DW(5000K), CW(6000K)

Length: 300*300mm,300*600mm,600*600mm,620*620mm,300*1200mm,600*1200mm,etc…

Certification: CE ,ROHS

Description: Emergency solution for 1-3 hours

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Emergency led panel light application

led panel light Front View

led panel light back view

Light Guide Plate

Diffuser Plate

SMD LED Panel Light

Emergency LED Panel Light Driver

led panel light package

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  • According to the different permutation and combination way to assemble the several D5000mAh1.2V Ni-MH battery together
  • The customer should charge the battery with the little current for a long time ,because the Ni-MH battery is with the better charging ,discharging ,resistance to low and high temperature ,lifetime , safety and storage ,it is the first choice for the emergency battery
  • Because Ni-MH battery is with the bigger capacity , smooth discharge ,wide universality,and less heat ,it is one of the most popular green environmental protection battery
  • It will be better for the battery when you charge the battery before it is fully discharge
  • After the group of Ni-MH 12.0VD5000mAh fully discharge , The customer should charge the battery for more than 48 hours to ensure the battery with the full power and the inverter is of the function of charging protection .It can ensure the less damage to the battery when charge .After the battery was fully charging ,it should charge the battery with the little current to supply the self-discharge of the battery
  • Driver and battery can resist the high temperature ,it can work in -20~60 ℃
  • Taking the application into the consideration ,it would be better for the user to check the battery at regular intervals ,and it must change the battery after 3 years
  • The warranty of the battery material is 2 years ,it can meet the standard of international IEC61951-2003 ,the cycle lifetime is over 500 period
  • Please pay attention the safety when use the battery .Please not disassemble the battery or short the circuit or put the battery into the water or fire to avoid the peril
  • Three years warranty



LED Panel Light Size

Model No. Size A(mm) Size B(mm) Size C(mm) Panel Cable Length(mm) Driver Cable Length(mm)
DEL-XPL1206-XXWX 1195 595 10 400 200mm
DEL-XPL6262-XXWX 620 620 10 400 200mm
DEL-XPL6060-XXWX 595 595 10 400 200mm
DEL-XPL1203-XXWX 1195 295 10 400 200mm
DEL-XPL0603-XXWX 595 295 10 400 200mm
DEL-XPL0303-XXWX 295 295 10 400 200mm


Temperature Characteristics T-ambient 25°c

Electrical Characteristics
Temperature Humidity Input voltage:AC85-265v 50/60hz
Operating -20-+40°c Operating 10%-80% PF:>0.93  Thd<20%
Storage -40-+85°c Storage 10°/0-80% Power Efficiency:>0.9


Model No. Power(w) Light Source LED QTY(pcs) CRI CCT(K) Luminous Flux(lm)
DEL-XPL1206-XXWX 54/72 SMD2835 270/360 80 2700-6500 4600/6500
DEL-XPL6262-XXWX 36/48/54 SMD2835 180/240/270 80 2700-6500 3200/4600
DEL-XPL6060-XXWX 36/48/54 SMD2835 180/240/270 80 2700-6500 3200/4600
DEL-XPL1203-XXWX 36/48/54 SMD2835 180/240/270 80 2700-6500 3200/5000
DEL-XPL0603-XXWX 18/36 SMD2835 90/180 80 2700-6500 1500/3100
DEL-XPL0303-XXWX 18 SMD2835 90 80 2700-6500 1600


Emergency led panel light installation


1: Accordance with writing diagram to connect the circuit in strict. The following lines are connected to each port;
Terminal function diagram

Terminal 1—— connect FireWire L+ LED external drive firewire input. This line can set a wall switch S. The wall switch only controls the main power, no function on emergency lighting.
Terminal 2—— connect the zero line N+LED external drive zero line input.
Terminal 3——one line connect with the other side of wall switch S, enter the fire wire 1port; one line connect with LED drive’s firewire.
Terminal 4—— connect LED drive’s output positive.
Terminal 5—— connect light source’s negative +light source external drive’s output negative.
Terminal 6——light positive Diagram wiring, all lines and accessories connected to complete before connecting to the mains test, non-live working.

2: Emergency power supply can not no-load, whether it is testing emergency lighting function or testing the inverter charging function, must be process under load light source;
3: Main power line: fire line L and zero line N, connect to main power line directly, these two lines are forbidden to connect the switch;
4: Not control by switch S after the light source start emergency lighting;
5: Green indicator: main power; Red indicator: charging; yellow: falut;
6: no indicator works in emergency status except emergency lighting;




Model No. Size(mm) QTY/Carton(pcs) Meansure(cm) Volume(m³) N.W.(kg) G.W.(kg)
DEL-XPL1206-XXWX 1200*600 2 131*71*13 0.121 22 24
DEL-XPL6262-XXWX 620*620 5 73*73*25 0.133 22.5 24.5
DEL-XPL6060-XXWX 600*600 5 71*71*25 0.126 22 24
DEL-XPL1203-XXWX 1200*300 5 131*41*25 0.134 23 25
DEL-XPL0603-XXWX 600*300 5 71*41*25 0.073 12 13
DEL-XPL0303-XXWX 300*300 5 41*41*25 0.042 7 8