More and more universities and colleges are evincing keen interest in the installation of solar LED street light systems in their campuses as it gives them distinct benefits in terms of increased energy savings, reduced electricity bills and less maintenance costs. Other than this, their use helps to enhance students’ safety as these lights result in better illumination in the pathways, other educational facilities located within the campus and roads adjacent to these educational institutions.

Due to better lit pathways and other areas located within a campus caused by the LED street lights leaves fewer dark areas and locations. So vandals or criminals do not get opportunities to target the students and bring them harm. Students’ safety is a big concern for the concerned educational authorities as some of the universities and colleges are located in areas which have got an increased crime rate.

Other than this, use of LED solar street light systems help to improve the aesthetic value of the buildings where colleges and universities are located. With increased energy savings and reduced electricity bills caused by these lights, the concerned educational institutions were able to avoid taking drastic measures like staff reduction and spending less on developing innovative and useful educational programs and courses so as to reduce their increasing costs resulting from illuminating their sprawling campuses in the day and night through traditional lights.

If they went ahead with such measures, this would have compromised with the quality of learning imparted in the educational institutions. This would have ultimately hurt students’ interests. Also the authorities need not take measures like reducing students’ access to certain locations within the campus in the day or night.

As solar street lights are environmental friendly, their use helps to protect the environment. Also such lights are resistant to vibration and shock, so they would not get damaged easily in case of being targeted by the vandals. Even if these get broken, these would not leave harmful toxins like other traditional lights do. So students’ health and well being is better protected by the use of these lights. In this way, educational institutions stand to gain immensely with the use of solar LED street lights.