How to Protect Solar Street light From Being Stolen?

  • October 18, 2016
  • LED Market

How to Protect Solar Street light From Being Stolen

The increased demand for using alternative sources of energy for lighting purposes has led to more and more people investing in installing All in One Solar LED Street Light. Though such light systems cost them enough money, but they also provide them benefits as they need not pay an electricity bill and can get better illumination through eco friendly solar lights. As expected, investing on such lights provide people handsome return on investment. But they suffer an unexpected and huge financial loss when their solar light system gets stolen. To make it difficult for the thieves to remove your solar lights and to ensure that these serve you for a long time, you need to take some certain measures for securing your lights from any stealing attempts.

Firstly, you need to install your solar light system at a good height on the pole at least 10 feet or above, so it cannot be reached easily. So if one wants to reach up to the bolts and bracketry that hold together the lighting system, he has to use a ladder.

To make it tough for the thieves to remove your Solar LED Street Light system, you can use a keyed fastener that features customized stainless-steel nuts and bolts employed for locking the solar panels. Thieves cannot remove such a fastener by using the regular wrenches and screwdrivers. It can only unfastened by the owner through a key.

An alarm can also be used which gets activated when a thief tries to unplug the solar plugs from the inverter or if he snips the wires. The alarm’s sound would alert people, so they can run fast to the solar lights’ location for rescuing the lights.

One other option is to make the solar panels removable, so these can be removed easily and stored inside home for keeping them safe from stealing. If using solar lights on a rooftop, these can be welded on the roof itself making it difficult for them to remove it.

To undertake such measures for ensuring safety of their solar lighting systems, people have to invest extra money which will increase their costs further. But also it would provide their lights enhanced protection from any stealing attempts. Considering the benefits, it makes sense to invest in these kind of measures.