Pole Height Suggestion Based On Different Roads

  • March 18, 2016
  • LED Market

Solar energy has proved to be an effective alternative to traditional electricity driven lighting systems. Installing a solar energy powered street light system is not only eco friendly, but also saves costs in maintenance and leads to no electricity bill. Moreover you can harness unlimited solar energy and use it for lighting your surroundings by using a solar street light for an appropriate number of hours.

Pole Height Suggestion

Before installing a solar street light fixture in your surroundings, you need to fully assess your solar energy requirements by taking into consideration the location where the solar LED street light fixture is going to be installed, power requirements, height of the fixture as well as the purpose behind installing it.

The height of the solar LED pole is an important consideration and it has to be determined on the basis of the amount of traffic on the kind of roads near which it is going to be installed. Local roads carry low volumes of traffic and on them vehicles move at a slow pace. In such cases solar LED pole should be placed close to the ground as it will focus a strong light over a central location.

But in collector roads which vehicles use from traveling from local streets to arterial roads, amount of traffic is much more than local roads, so more light is needed. This would require placing the pole around 20-30 feet above the ground, so the light gets distributed evenly over a larger distance. Arterial roads in urban areas feature maximum traffic, so here too 20-30 feet height of pole is required.

In instances where pole is to be installed at a lower height, lower wattage solar street lights need to be used so as to reduce the amount of concentrated light in one area and to maintain environmental uniformity. By focusing on these very things, you can make the right choice for installing a solar power street light.

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