All-in-one Integrated Solar LED Street Lights for Urban Roads

  • August 24, 2016
  • LED Technology

street lighting for urban roads

Solar LED street lights are one of the latest inventions in the light and electronics industry. LED lights are very efficient in using very less amount of power and giving a high range of illumination output. These days’ people are using the LED lights in their home and also in the industrial and commercial places. Use of LED lights helps in paying a much low amount of electricity bills and helps in creating eco-friendly pollution.

LED bulbs operate by taking energy and power from the solar panels. The energy stored in the solar panels is used in creating the energy necessary for the bulb to glow. The installation cost of a LED setup is much higher than any other conventional light setup system. But the power consumption is the lowest as well as the maintenance.

Nowadays the LED light has made its presence in the bedrooms and also in the streets. LED lights are now used in the form of strips for lighting and decoration purposes also. Solar LED lights are now utilized in the streets for lighting purposes. The luminous intensity of these kinds of lights is quite higher than the standard vapor lamps. Added to that, these light sources are less polluting. But the all-in-one Integrated Solar LED Street Lights are quite different from the other kind of light sources. They have a solar panel, a rechargeable battery setup, and electronics motion sensor for the brightness control.

The microprocessor used in the integrated LED light allows controlling the brightness of the light, and it can also detect the movement of the particle occurring around a radius of 12m from the LED Street light. This motion sensor helps in controlling the brightness of the lamp, and the original intensity gets reduced in just 2 minutes. As a result, the power consumption of the street light becomes much lower, and the charge remains for a longer period. Thus this kind of installation can easily provide light from the dusk to the next dawn.

The control panel of the all-in-one Integrated Solar LED Street Lights can sense the dust particle deposition in the solar panel. The solar LED street light runs fully on solar power, and so there is no electricity bill. This particular installation is quite light weight, and so it can be mounted on the pole tops easily without the help of the expert professionals. This product is 100% environment-friendly. The only drawback is the initial installation cost of these street lights.