MPPT system for all in one solar street light battery

Maximum power point tracking or MPPT system for all in one solar street light battery is an electronic DC to DC converter that converts higher voltage of the solar panels into lower battery voltage, so batteries can get the get the maximum power. It helps to make the working of a solar street light system efficient by reducing loss of power in cold and hot weather conditions. The system ultimately improves the charging capability of the solar lighting system.

MPPT controllers are designed in such a way so these can quickly and precisely determine the maximum power voltage of the solar array. These assess the solar input to find out the voltage at which the solar array is producing the maximum amount of power. The controller gets power from the solar array at this maximum power voltage and converts it into lower battery voltage, so the batteries can get maximum power.

A solar lighting system with MPPT controllers is an integrated all in one design. It contains various components like photovoltaic module, micro controller, lithium battery and a human infrared sensor. Use of this system leads to lower power consumption and yields high illuminance. Its benefits include long product life, automatic adjustment of light output through an inner infrared sensor, easy maintenance and high brightness.

Given these benefits of a solar lighting system having in it MPPT controllers, does make sense in investing in it. Its use can do away loss of power, make your system more efficient, bring better illumination besides saving you money.

Now you have gained some idea about what a MPPT system actually does and how it can prove beneficial for you. But to know about it in detail in terms of its actual working, technicalities involved, specifications, properties, etc., you better consult solar LED lighting experts from a renowned solar light manufacturer. They can help you make the right choice in case you want to get installed a LED solar street light for illuminating your home.