solar street light maintain

Solar power driven street lights are being increasingly being used by more and more people nowadays for illuminating their surroundings. Using them provides people various benefits like reducing their dependence on traditionally generated electricity, providing them inexhaustible source of energy, no electricity bills and a safe environment. Among various kinds of solar lights being used, all in one solar street light units are being preferred as these are easy to install and maintain, have a modular design, do not use cables or special poles and can be used conveniently.

An all in one solar street light unit consists of a solar panel, LED lamp, sensor, charge controller and a lithium battery which are placed in the same box. To use such a solar LED street light unit efficiently in summer months, one has to undertake various maintenance measures. Firstly it needs to be checked that its charge controller is working properly or not. The charge controller’s job is to ensure the battery does not get overcharged in the bright sunlight. It will also monitor the amount of light present in the surrounding area and accordingly turn the light emitting diode on and off.

It needs to be checked if the battery is charging and discharging as per its full capacity. After a certain time depending on the usage, its capacity will get reduced, so the battery needs to be replaced. Also the solar panel in all in one solar street light unit needs to be cleaned regularly of dust and other accumulated residues which can affect the charging procedure. The dust coating will block the sunlight. If the coating on the solar cells has got removed, it has to be coated again. If any trees, walls or roofs are shading the solar panels, this will also lead to lowered output. So shading needs to be done away with by adjusting the solar panel’s tilt angle. By undertaking such maintenance measures, an all in one LED solar street light unit can made to function properly and efficiently in the summer months.