LED Solar Street Light Asian Market Research (MYANMAR)

  • February 3, 2016
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Myanmar has tropical monsoon climate. The northeast monsoon lasts from November to April, bringing the cooler dry season and the southwest monsoon, which blows off the Indian Ocean and lasts from May to September or October, heralding the hotter wet season.

Sun shine is plentiful during the dry season, averaging seven to ten hours a day. During the rain y season, cloudy weather is common and daily sunshine is reduced to an average of three to four hours a day.

Mandalay city:

LED Solar street light Asian Market Research

In January there is average of 309 hrs of sunshine in Mandalay city, while lowest number of sunny hours per month is 168 in August. Average sunshine hours per year are 2 991 hrs. It is city with population around 1 225 000 people. The city has good Commercial exchange with China. All this indicts that Mandalay should be considered for led solar street light as one of the potential target cities.

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