all in one solar led street light

With the advancement of technology that is being employed for manufacturing solar LED street light, it has now become possible for users to go for a specific solar LED street light system that suits their individual lighting taste and requirements. Solar lights are now coming in different beam profiles, CCT and wattages. It would be better to shed some light on these terms to enable people grasp a better understanding about them as they opt for solar street lights of their own choice.

The beam profile is a specific pattern of light that ultimately gets viewed by the users. Various types of beam profiles are bell shaped beams, flat top beams and beams with different kinds of tails. These patterns are based on the nominal angles of refraction that a beam of light undergoes as it passes through the LED light glass.

CCT is a parameter used to differentiate between various hues of white, artificial light emitted by LED light bulbs. CCT also known as correlated colour temperature that is measured in terms of degrees Kelvin or K. This temperature rating would determine the tone of white light that would be transmitted by a given light fixture. Its range of temperature lies between 2000 to 3000 K. At 2000 K, the light will be very orange-yellow in colour, but with gradual increase in its temperature, its colour would turn into yellow, yellowish white, white and later it would become bluish or cool white.

Wattage is the amount of electrical power consumed by the solar street light system for illuminating. It is measured in terms of watts.

So users can opt for a solar LED lighting system of their own choice if they have good knowledge of such features associated with a solar LED light. Rather than enquiring about the various parts that constitute a given solar LED lighting system, they should approach a solar LED light manufacturer’s representative in this regard who would guide them well about a given all in one solar street light system capable of sufficing their individual requirements well.