Importance of Solar LED Lightning Certification

  • March 29, 2016
  • LED Market

The use of solar LED street lights for lightening purposes is increasing day by day as it reduces people’s dependence on traditional electricity driven street lights as well as saves them money by doing away with the electricity bill. But as there are reliable and efficient solar street lights available in the market, unsafe and substandard solar street lights also exist whose use can prove damaging for the consumers. Such substandard lights can dupe people of their hard earned investment, cause environmental pollution and affect their health.


So people while installing a solar street light near their home or neighborhood need to be aware of such poor quality solar street lights to save themselves from falling into the hands of unscrupulous manufacturers manufacturing low quality and unsafe solar street lights. There are some standards which solar lights manufacturers have to follow to ensure their lights are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. They get tested their lights from the concerned government agency responsible for determining quality and performance of such lights. When the agency is assured about the safety and quality of solar lights from a particular manufacturer, it issues a solar LED lightning certification for them. Such a certification is inscribed on the lights in the form of symbol like UL Listed, CE Marking, etc. depending on the testing agency of a given country.

By viewing such a symbol on the LED solar street light that they are planning to purchase for their household needs, people can feel assured that they are buying a genuine, fully tested, quality and safe product. In case they are unable to find such a mark on the light, they should desist from buying it. Customers must have knowledge about such a certification before they go for a solar energy operated street lights from a given manufacturer. This would help them in choosing quality street lights and derive benefits from them in the long run.

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