What is Hybrid Solar LED Street Lighting?

  • April 14, 2016
  • LED Market

Hybrid solar LED street lighting involves combining solar light with artificial light for illumination. In such an arrangement, sunlight is made to go through fiber optic cable bundles for providing solar lights into rooms lacking windows or skylights and by augmenting this natural light with artificial light. This innovative technology was developed between 2000 and 2007 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory by the US government sponsored energy lab.

Hybrid Solar LED Street Lightning

In a hybrid solar LED street light, bundles arise from the exterior or rooftop light collectors through cable ducts or small openings. These transport the light to the required place. The optical fibers end up at hybrid luminaries at which point sunlight joins electric light when demand arises for it or automatically in order to maintain the constant level of light as the amount of sunlight decreases.

When there is a plenty of sunshine outside, the majority of light, around three quarters or more, comes from daylight. But when the sunshine is lower than normal, artificial light contributes more than 90 percent of the lighting. In this way contribution of both types of lights, solar light and artificial light to the common pool of light changes as per the amount of sunshine received.

A hybrid solar LED street light system would prove effective for illumination purposes in those areas where the amount of sunlight received varies as per the prevailing weather conditions. With such a lighting system, people can fulfill their lighting needs in an uninterrupted manner by relying on a combination of artificial and solar light.

If you are keen to use a hybrid LED solar street light system for lighting your home, you ought to have a rough estimate of the level of sunshine received in your area whole year round. This you can discuss with a solar street light manufacturer’s representative who can accordingly guide you about the equipment’s and operations required for installing a hybrid solar lighting system for your home.

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