How to Make Solar Street Light Tender?

  • March 2, 2016
  • LED Market


LED Lights has been experiencing a vigorous growth over the past few years. However, a large area of the market of LED lights is still untouched. LED technology is replacing the old and traditional lightening systems in both the indoor and outdoor areas. And by the increase in the trend of using LED technology, governments are using it in different residential, official projects in huge quantity.

Due to the Increase use of LED everywhere, LED Manufacturers have developed and created a variety of LED lights for different purposes that can be used in different places. Now there are LED lights for street, for residential purpose, for official purpose and among these varieties there is more subdivision according to different styles.

For LED Manufacturers, this is a great opportunity to take the tenders from the government, because they order the LED products for big projects in bulk. For taking the tender from the government, the manufacturers has to take care of some important things.

  • The LED Manufacturers has to check regularly online about the projects that government is going to start or is in the process of starting it.
  • As soon as the government post the tender for solar LED street lights, manufacturers should bid on it.
  • The bid should be most reasonable and economical according to the requirement of the products.
  • The solar LED street lights producers should follow all the rule and regulation before submitting the tender to the government.
  • The producer should provide quality products to the government so that in future they can be hired again.

A number of projects have been started in different parts of the counties just to promote the LED industry. Big LED manufacturers can have the advantage of these projects if they have immense business potential. The best bid is selected by taking an account of the technical and financial parameters.

Streetlights of a particular area come under the authority of the city corporation or development authorities, hence LED making companies should get in touch with these bodies and make solar light tenders according to it.