How To Choose Solar LED Street Light Pole?

  • February 1, 2016
  • LED Market

Solar LED Street Light Pole

Investing in the solar LED lighting system for the road may involve many factors that can highly impact the performance of the system. Here is the guide to simplify this process to great extent through the selection process of a solar LED street light pole to ensure it will work best and get a quick return on your investment.

On the internet, you will find plethora of options for the pole, but the major challenge is to filter the one that is of high-quality, easy to implement and most importantly, works efficiently.

Selecting the right solar LED lighting system that will work on the street is a very simple process, if you focus on four areas before investing in any solution. Those are: planning, design, installation and maintenance.

  1. Planning

Once you have selected your site, it is better to define and prioritize your overall project objectives to make a wise decision. On the basis of safety, security and light pollution, you can easily choose the best sturdy option for worthwhile usage.

  1. Design

After your overall objectives are compiled, it’s time to perform a shading analysis to figure out the height of the pole required at your location.

  1. Installation

Usually, pole installation isn’t a time consuming task, but if you want to save your time and eliminate potential human errors at installation, it is better to buy pre-installed solar street lighting pole.

  1. Maintenance

The best aspect is that LED light pole needs very little maintenance, then also it is better to buy one that includes manufacturer warranty in case any problem arises, they are going to repair it for free.

Following the above criteria will brighten your nights with solar and help you make a better choice of solar energy street lights pole. Everyone knows that solar can save a lot of money, but correct selection will also save your money. In the end, hopefully, above information will help you in selection process and arms you with ample amount of knowledge to make a wise and profitable solar decision.