Solar Street Lights are Different than Conventional Street Lights

Solar Street lights are a stand-alone solar system and are slowly taking over as the way to illuminate the streets at night. Reducing dependency over conventional power, solar power lights have been favored for its least maintenance and better efficiency than the traditional high powered fixtures. There can be two ways to enlighten yourself about the types and tights of solar energy lights and the normal ones, either you will implement the solar setup and compare it with the conventional one or the facts that the two differ largely on the following elements such as

  • Cost of electricity

Solar energy street lights are eco-savvy and thus offers zero cost of electricity with High economic returns whereas conventional setup do have a substantial consumption with high powered fixtures inside the curve.

Solar LED Street Light - Save Energy

  • Probability of electric shocks

The street lights prepared to use via solar resource has a great electrical shock repellant feature. With maximum safety against electric shock- activated, as the system and the moderate supply voltage is not risky to humans at all.

  • Light Pollution

Solar street lights have no glare to incense your vision and thus a very good to reduce light pollution whereas conventional street lights expose the light in sideways into the atmosphere which causes light pollution and can also disturb or affect your vision in a negative way.

  • Maintenance needed

If it comes to solar emitted lights then there is zero power lines maintenance, in fact there is no issue like additional costs for maintenance but a conventional street light system may ask for maintenance at any time, may be just after you install one or it works fine for years (which is a rarity).

  • Duration

The minimum duration of the solar power street light is estimated at least 50,000 hours of operation with an average 12 hours per day whereas no predict can work definite in case of old style street lights.