How Solar LED Lights Harness the Power of Sunlight?

  • February 17, 2016
  • LED Market

solar LED lights solution

Say Goodbye to darkness in the night and expensive electricity bills with solar LED lights solution that harness the energy from power plant in the sky – sun for high-quality illumination for indoor or outdoor applications. This breakthrough technology doesn’t give off carbon dioxide emissions, never run out and most importantly delivers a convenient way to light your area with minimal investment and maintenance.

So, how does Solar Powered Street Lights turn bounty of sunbeams into useful electricity?

The sun light contains energy and solar Lights works on the principle of photovoltaic effect. It uses crystals of Silicon and other chemicals that create layer of negatively charged electrons and positively charged spaces instead of just jiggling in place, to convert sunlight into direct electrical current. Concurrently, the direct current of electricity is transferred to solar battery to store the electricity until it is needed.

When evening approaches, the conversion process automatically stops and photoreceptor turns on the light which is made up of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The battery then supplies electricity to LED’s throughout the night and this process repeats on a daily basis.

Nowadays, solar technology can be seen in the form of solar panels dotting the rooftops of the buildings and houses, as well as solar street lighting solutions in several cities. Actually, it is a convenient and cost-effective way to light your streets at night which quickly pay back the low initial investment and offers substantial energy. Using this green and sustainable energy source, you are being kind to the environment too. Moreover, it provides clear visibility for pedestrian and drivers without any requirement of AC grid access.

In a nutshell, help your city shine at night with Integrated Solar LED Street Light to bring out the best in the urban landscape making residents feel proud.