integrated solar LED street light

Nowadays, everyone have heard about “solar LED street light” which means that the solar panel will transform the solar power into electricity which can save energy as well as money without any requirement of electricity supply. The matter of fact is that “integrated solar LED street light” is the best solution because solar panel, battery, controller and the LED source are designed in one lamp whereas normal solar LED street light are divided which directly means lots of hassles and messes.

It is true to say that integrated solar LED Street light can easily eradicate all your worries especially allied with installation and freight. Here’s a sneak peek at different benefits of integrated solar LED Street light.

  1. Wireless application

Integrated solar LED light is the perfect solution for light which consists of solar panel with LED light, battery, micro-controller and other accessories in one light which makes it simple as well as stylish.

     2. Micro-computer controlled

The integrated lights are usually micro-computer controlled which is a perfect blend of light control system and time control system to ensure you get a more energy efficient lighting system.

     3. Easy installation

The best part is that integrated LED solar street light do not require any external power connection plus, t can be easily installed in short interval of time.

      4. Modular design

All the components such as battery, solar controller and LED lights are modularly designed. Also, they can be easily replaced in case they are not working well, but the fact is that the components work at least for 3-4 years without any hassles.

      5. Low cost

As compared to the traditional solar Led lights, integrated lights cost much less and are very easy to transport from one place to another.

The integrated solar LED street light can be installed within short interval of times and without any usage of heavy equipment and tools. Moreover, you can install it on the top of mountain or even in the desert, there is no need of electricity supply.