• November 29, 2016
  • LED Technology

On the off chance that you have to illuminate a road, business space, parking garage, pathway or some other space, the 20 watt Solar Street Light is a brilliant decision.

This light will accuse of 7 hours of direct daylight. The light will keep going for 20 hours at full shine, and over 40 hours in sparing mode. The light has a light sensor that will turn it on at nightfall, and it will keep running in sparing mode until there is movement identified, then it will keep running at full power. The light will backtrack to sparing mode when there is no movement.



Solar panel – 18V 50W (high efficiency monocrystalline silicon)
Battery lithium battery – (12.8V/18AH)
Charge time 7 hours
Discharge time Full power: 20 hours half power: 40 hours
Mounting height 5-6m
Space between light 12-14m
GW.for carton 18kg

Solar based LED Street Light is a Lighting System Composed of LED Chip, Aluminous Cover, Solar boards, Battery and there may likewise be a Switch Control System.

The Solar LED Light Operates on Electricity from Batteries, Charged Through the utilization of Solar Photovoltaic Panel.

Solar LED Street Light Advantages

1. This Factory Price Solar Led Street Light With Light Sensor is very popular, green and energy saving.

2. Automatic light sensor activates in darkness or manuel control Can be Optical.

3. It can be install under the Roof and Garden, Lawn, Street and other outdoor places.

Solar LED Street Light Services

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3. Samples are ready in 7 days.

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Our Integrated Solar LED Street Light is perfect for almost any solar lighting application. They include lighting the gardens, parks, residential areas, courtyards, parking areas, rural areas or provide the light in roads where it’s necessary. The battery provides the power for the light fixtures, and the solar panel provides the charge for the battery.