The decision to get a solar energy driven street light installed in your surroundings requires deep thinking in terms of its benefits and investment. But making this decision is certainly going to benefit you as you would be getting to use a safe and renewable energy option, saving of your expenses due to reduced or no electricity bills and quality illumination. But as you get installed a Solar LED Street Light through a given LED installation company, its installation experts are going to face some problems.

Their foremost problem would be to choose the most ideal spot for installing the solar street light unit. The spot they choose should have maximum amount of solar rays falling on it for tapping the maximum amount of solar energy. It has to be away from the trees and other structures which may cast a shadow on the unit thus affecting its solar energy tapping capacity. After deciding the ideal spot, they have to judge the height of pole on which the light would be installed. If the pole’s height is too high, its illumination quality would be affected. If its height is too short, it would make it easy for the antisocial elements to steal or damage it.

To make efficient use of a LED Solar Street Light, the installation experts need to think about installing a sensor and associated equipment, so the light gets turned on and off by itself by judging amount of brightness prevalent at a given time. The challenge before them is to how to make such an arrangement functional.

Also they need to build a cage structure beneath the ground for holding the solar street light. It would act as a foundation for the light and provide it support. Erecting such a structure requires technical expertise, fine craftsmanship and lot of physical labor.

While installing the light, the experts would have to consider the maximum number of days when the sun may not glow. So they have to accordingly creating an adequate battery backup, so the lights can provide illumination even when sun is not around. For assessing such energy needs on cloudy days, installation experts have to do perform complex calculation through some software.

Also they need to take measures for the charging and draining of the battery, so its life can be prolonged. These are the some of the challenges faced by the installation experts while installing a solar energy driven street light. How effectively they address such challenges would determine how long you can continue to use a solar light unit.