Solar panel, LED, Lithium battery all in one design


Patented Mould for Adjusting Fixture Angle

Solar Panel

18.2% High Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon


LM80 Certificated Samsung High Brightness 5630


MSDS Passed Long Lifespan Lithium Battery


Wireless Remote-Control with Dimming Function

Working Ways

PIR Sensor/Time Control/Centre Control

IP Rate

Dustproof/Waterproof/Rust proof
About DEL
The Story of DEL's Development
DEL is located in Shenzhen, which is the production base of LED in China.

At the beginning, DEL is just like other led companies to make a lot of types of led light products to make her "look" professional. But after so many years' practice we find "Profession is not based on more types but more attention". so from this year on, we just focus our energy on solar led street light. We just hope us to be more exquisite than others.

DEL wants to an "LED Lighting Artist".

DEL other services


PIR or Microwave Sensor can be included in the lamp. When someone comes near the lamp, the lamp will be 100% brightness. After 30 seconds (can be customized), if the person leaves away from the lamp, the lamp will be 30% brightness (can be customized) to save the energy.


The lamp brightness can be set by time schedule. For example, it can be set 100% brightness from 18:00pm to 24:00pm and 30% from 00:00am to 06:00am. All the brightness and time standard can be customized based on your different requirements.


If the project is based on big quantity, the lamps may need to be controlled by a control centre to know whether all of them work well. Our lamp can be controlled by mobile or computer by internet. Then you can control them at any place as you want.

There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation,
hard work, and learning.

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Why Choose Us ?
DEL Awesome Advantage
DEL is a little different from other Chinese manufacturer. In the world view, China is only considered as "world factory". But DEL is not just a factory. We have a profession team from designing to branding. The leaders of our seperate department have more than 8 years experience in led field. so we can support you not only from production but also marketing. Not matter you are a new comer of led business or a mature buyer of led, we can both have our own experience to support you

Currently led market is a little disordered, so it is easy to be lost in so fiere competition. DEL had also been lost before, but now we are growing rapidly, so we have rich experience to help you out. Please trust us. We will offer you a bright future.

  • 8 Years Product R&D Experience
  • 6 Years Marketing Experience
  • 10 Years Production Experience
  • Professional Focus on products
  • Strictly Quality Control System
  • Flexible Pre-sale and after-sale service
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